“Acty” sparkling water

Natural mineral sparkling drinking water
Bicarbonate Calcium-Magnesium-Sodium neutral fresh water

1,5 L
0,5 L
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“Acty” is natural fresh mineral water for everyday use. Due to its low mineralization and neutral acidity, the water is ideal for cooking, drinking and icing. It is produced in two types: sparkling and still.

Despite the low mineralization and fresh neutral flavor (the taste can be compared with the taste of pure fresh water), "Acty" is a mineral water, i.e. the water containing the complex of salts and microelements useful for human body.

“Acty” water is recommended for daily use as a drinking water, the basis for preparation of food, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and ice. Please pay attention: during the boiling of any mineral water, a certain amount of white salt may appear on the walls of the kettle. It is absolutely normal and it confirms that the water is mineral.

“Acty” water is extracted from artesian well No.37103, the depth of which is 100 m, 2 km away from “Lastochka” and “Lastochka 201” wells. The well is located exactly at the territory of “Lastochka” plant, surrounded by 3 circles of mountainous sanitary zone, total area of which is 3893 hectares.

Chemical composition of water, mg/dm3

Bicarbonate ion (HCO32-)


Calcium (Ca2+)


Chloride ion (Cl-)

Less than 10

Magnesium (Mg2+)


Sulfate ion (SO42-)

Less than 50

Iron (Fe2+ 3+)

Less than 0,3

Sodium + Potassium (Na++K+)


pH Value: 6,4 – 7,4
Mineralization: 0,3 – 0,45 g/dm3

Registration certificate Declaration of conformity

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